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13 Nov 2014 - Looking for staff

Hey there everyone!
Interested in joining a professional team that will become like a second family to you? A team that has high standards, hardly any admin complaints whatsoever as of late and that gives everyone a voice?

GM is currently on the lookout for more server administrators to accommodate our needs, given that we are setting up two new servers (Deathrun and Minigames). Do you think you have what it takes to become a member of staff?

Please note that in order to apply, you need to have at LEAST 15 hours playtime on our servers. You can check your playtime here

Once you have verified your playtime, please apply here

Thanks in advance!
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11 Nov 2014 - New servers and systems

Hey guys/gals!
So, here are the latest news.

GM has purchased a 32 slot server in Europe to be used as a minigames server. We are currently deciding what maps we should have for the various gamemodes, so if you want to help us set up the server quicker; go ahead and suggest a few here

It has been decided that [GM]Deathrun will replace [GM]Murder. This means that the Murder branch will be closed down. We had a good run with it but want try something new. We are looking into maps for the Deathrun server as well, so please suggest maps for that as well (in the general requests section).

Achievement system for Prop Hunt and TTT!
So, the long-awaited achievement system is finally here!
At the moment, we only have a few achievements, but will add more and more on a frequent basis.
Until then, only Prop Hunt and TTT will have the system.
resizedThis image has been resized. Click this image to view the full image.

New donation system
A new donation system has been implemented!
You can find it here or by typing !donate ingame.

We are all very excited for the future.
Please spread the good word of GM and if you can, donate to help us keep the server roster fresh.
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Hey guys/gals!
So, due to investing in some new servers (Minigames, Deathrun) and so forth we'll need roughly 70 USD before November 7th. The servers themselves did obviously not cost that much, but that is how much short we are on the upcoming collective invoice for 5 servers.

If you guys can help us reach that goal, we would be forever grateful. Sitting there at the other end of the screen, you might think that we constantly get donations and therefore you don't need to, but the reality is that donations stopped coming in the amounts we require quite some time ago due to various reasons (mainly previous donators who did not have money anymore)

Therefore, we need your help. Even a 3GBP donation will help us a LOT so please do donate.

We are in the process of adding VIP only items to the stores and reserved slots to all servers. Please note that if you donate, you get the access on all servers, not just one.

You can donate on http://gmservers.co.uk/donate (same page as when you use !donate ingame). You get the perms instantly.
You can also donate via the forum and have your name displayed there: http://gmservers.co.uk/index.php?action=treasury

Please note that you can pay with a debit/credit card on paypal by merely skipping the login part. Below the login, you should be able to fill in your information.

Thank you for your time!
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14 Oct 2014 - Clip of the week

Quite an old video from christmas celebrations here at GM in 2011.

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So it is here! The GM Grand Prix to celebrate GM's 7th birthday!

The race will be held at event.gmservers.co.uk, Saturday, October the 4th at 17:00/5pm GMT (12:00 CDT)

In this event, we shall be having a series of races in which 6-8 drivers will get to take their customized vehicles to the track! At the end of the race the top 3 drivers shall be awarded points for their racing skills. At the end of the event, prizes shall be awarded to our top drivers!

1st place: 1000 points!
2nd place: 500 points!
3rd place: 250 points!

Hope to see y'all there :)

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