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Today at 02:51 PM - New and upcoming solutions

Hey guys/gals!

Just wanted to let you know that we have been hard at work to implement a few new systems within GM.

The first one to be revealed is this Automated Donations system from Coderhire (it was the best solution for us as we do not have the manpower to write our on script). The automated donation system will help both you and us in the sense that it will be much easier for you to donate. You will be able to donate ingame by signing in with your steamid (at the last step). All of the current packages (VIP) are valid for all servers, so even if you order VIP for 30 days while on Prop Hunt; you will be given VIP access for the same amount of time on all of our other servers as well.

Here is an image of what it looks like.

You can reach it by typing !donate or /donate ingame.

Coming soon
*An admin request system, so you can easily contact administrators without them even needing to be on. The whole process will be completely anonymous (unless you choose to inform them who you are) and admins will always be logged on to the tool. Once you initiate a live chat, a random admin will be selected to assist you on any given server. This means that you will never again have to fear rulebreakers when admins are not on the servers themselves, as you can always reach them easily without needing to add them on steam etc.
*An achievement system which will be cross-server. If you gain an achievement one one server, it will transfer to the other.
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26 May 2014 - [GM]Murder is now live!

Hey there guys/gals!

Just spent the last hour setting up a Murder server from scratch + updating the other servers so you can use !join murder + find murder in the !portal command. I also made this neat little motd + loading screen for it.

It is still very basic, so please come with suggestions in the requests section if you have any.
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23 May 2014 - Weekend Time!

Guys it's the weekend! Let me hear you scream like little girls at a Justin Beiber concert!

Get your game on! Join us on the servers cause I know I'll be there! The weekend's are the best time and I think spending them at GM is a great use of that time!

On another note all these big things we've mentioned are slowly becoming more exciting if you ask me, but that damn Miley is still doing her thing. (See facebook post for joke reference. NEXT>>) But just letting you know we are working hard because we want GM to grow and get even better for you.

So I'll be posting more often and keeping you guys pleased, thanks.
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18 May 2014 - TTT server restored!

Hey everyone!
As of late, we've had some issues with our TTT server (ever since the latest gmod updates).

I finally managed to fix it all, and all features have now been fully restored.
On top of that, plenty of new features, maps and general content has also been added.

Prop hunt has received updates as well, so be sure to check the thread for that in the Prop Hunt section for more information.

Remember the recurring event Rise Of The Melons?
Here is one of the t-shirts that one of the previous winners wished for (a custom t-shirt is one of the prizes, after all)

We just wanted to let you know that we are still hard at work creating a better gaming experience for all.

Lots of love, Myrr
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Are you prepared for the Rise of the melons event tonight at 7PM GMT? Team up with two friends and see if you can face our challenges!

ROTM will be on event.gmservers.co.uk  in just a few hours. Partake to have a chance of winning a unique GM t-shirt that you can help design!

Click here to join the event server

What is rise of the melons?
ROTM is a recurring event surrounding the theme of Melons and an elevator shaft. Previously, we've only had an elevator shaft with an obstacle course that you have to beat in order to get to the top, but this time around; we have added several new elements to the event.

Here are all the parts.

The elevator shaft (where you have to jump up on the objects to get to the top
This will be pretty much the same one as before except for a few modifications. If you miss a jump or get hit by a melon, your character will scream and fall down.

The winner of this part of the event will get a UNIQUE t-shirt with a modified version of the following image (or their of their own design):

The stunstick arena (no grenades) where the objective is to be the king of the hill for as long as possible.
If you are with a stunstick, your character screams and you are ragdolled. Others can then do as they wish with you (however, the king of the hill usually throws the person into the wheels of doom). The wheels of doom are carousel wheels at the top of the king of the hill arena. If you fall in, you get ragdolled and spazz quite a bit whilst every body in your body gets broken (very funny to watch).

The winner of this part of the event will get a UNIQUE t-shirt.

Ragdoll racing
The players who sign up to be the ragdoll for their team get extra hp to make sure they do not die. Each player is hit once with a stunstick so they are ragolled. Once they are ragdolled, their objective is to race other ragdolls on a little racing area that will be created (essentially, you will all be crawling on the ground).

The winner of this part of the event will get a UNIQUE t-shirt.

Each team has to select a team member who should partake in one of the events. You may however partake in the fun if you have already completed an event; but you can not win more than one prize. So if you already have a team mate who is playing ragdoll racing; you can partake in it too; but you won't win a prize for it.

Additional prizes
If you end up on 1st, 2nd or 3rd place; your team gets points accordingly. The team with the maximum amount of points get a little package with various games that are donated to the contest.

Donated thus far
The Ship & The Ship Single-Player(King Worm)
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