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Today at 12:08 PM - [GM]Ark patched to 183.2 just now

Current Version: 183.2
* You can never beach-kill your water dinos anymore. Seriously, $200 to the first person who shows us beaching a tamed water dino on a v183.2 server :-)
* Fixed a case where Flyers could spontaneously die and kill their rider :-P
* You can now replace ceilings that have stuff placed on them without the "Obstruction" message
* Fixed a slight edge case with stone walls where attacks could still get thru them
* Minor client GPU perf gain

Unversioned Hotfix: Dedi servers no longer crash if admin runs the "cheat exit" command on them. And they'll thusly save-on-exit too :)
Unversion Hotfix: Fixed a potential singleplayer PhysX crash.
* Fixed servers and clients not being able to load into the world without existing savedata present
* Fixed clients not seeing correct item counts on the Repair Cost tooltip when items are in a remote inventory
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Current Version: v183
Unversioned Hotfix:
* Fixed a server-side crash

* Fixed case of clients unable to spawn in the online game / getting booted. Temporary solution before v183 until this new version is to TOTALLY delete your game directory and redownload the game (the issue is due to having some extra old map files in your Maps dir that need to be cleared out). v183 will ignore these however. Mega props to Steam User "crua9" for helping us to track this down!
* Fixed some collision gaps in stone tier (dinos could hit thru them, etc)
* Fixed a case where you could unprone into people's bases.
* Added "Independence Fireworks" Skin for Flare Gun. Find it dropped from a variety of high-level dinos, and skin your Flares with this, to light up the night sky with a blazing fireworks display. Will only drop this weekend, so better stock up!
* New Primitive-Only Official Servers! Only stuff available that you might actually find in caveman-era tech, for role-playing fun. PvP, PvE, and PvP Hardcore in North America, EU, and OC. If players like this and the servers get crowded, we can add more :)
Server Admins can now explicitly remove items from the Supply Crate drops, to facilitate these primitive servers (a little later will expose the full loot tables for editing)
We'll be providing the INI's used to setup these servers so that players can easily host their own Primitive-Era servers as they may wish.
* Emote Wheel! 10 emotes for now Male and Female, along with two Emote Hotkey bindings.
* Mod makers can now override the minimap and spawn regions
* Fixed Ichthyosaurus losing taming affinity too fast and not being feedable quickly enough
* Fixed issue where swimming dinos were attempting to beach themselves to eat corpses :-P
* Made dinos able to properly damage structures again, in many cases a trace check was failing causing them to not do damage
* Dinos can no longer push you through structures ;)
* Made high level supply crates more likely to give high-level items
* Improved server perf Phase 1
* Hopeful fix for dinos appearing through floors when re-entering a zone or reloading a server
* Added key for "Proximity Text Chat", to say something in text chat only within a short audible range (has a unique text chat color)
* Improved visual look/materials of Stone Structures
* Likely fix for case where Tribe data could be lost when reloading a server
* Fixed a case where "Take All From Inventory" could lose items if it would make your own Inventory greater than 2x overweight. Now it'll stop if it reaches that.
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03 Jul 2015 - [GM]ARK patched to 182.1

Current Version: 182.1
* Fixed Stone wall collisions/height protruding through bases
* Added Missing Stone tier icons
* Limited overdamage (overharvest) of resources to 5x the total resource health, to avoid server lag giving hundreds of berries in one hit on a plant.
* Increased resolution in stone tier textures
* Stone dino gate is now colorizable
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Want us to change the multipliers or keep them as they are?
Vote asap!

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If my raptor Loki did this I would definitely not give him prime meat for a while

What would you do?
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